Archéo-Mamu Côte-Nord


3, av. Denonville,
Baie-Comeau (Quebec)
G4Z 2W6
Phone: 514 949-0083
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Ottawa: 709 km
Montréal: 582 km
Québec: 354 km


Archéo-Mamu Côte-Nord is a non-profit archeology organization based on the Côte-Nord. The word “mamu”, from the Innu-aimun language, which means “together”, refers to the unifying mission of the organization and its unique way of building on the rich archaeological heritage of the region, with the collaboration and with respect for all the cultures and nations of the Côte-Nord. Archéo-Mamu carries out projects aimed at the conservation and enhancement of the regional archaeological heritage in addition to raising awareness of the fragility of this unique resource.

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