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Our history

Entrepreneur without knowing it

It was in 2014, at the age of 26, that Cynthia Lebel, then a mother of two young children, unwittingly began to flirt with the entrepreneurial adventure! Passionate about the zero waste movement, natural products and respect for the environment, the years went by and her convictions grew stronger and stronger. The thought haunted her: "What we apply to our skin is absorbed by our body just like food. We should not put substances on our skin that we would not be ready to have on our plate. ” Never better served than by herself, after several fruitless searches to find natural and affordable cosmetics, she decides to develop and manufacture her own beauty products. In this way, it will be able to eliminate the use of toxic ingredients and offer products made locally in Quebec.

Cynthia was far from suspecting that she would create enthusiasm in those around her by talking about her new passion! Little by little, she begins to take orders for those close to her.

In 2017, the family has two more children and the demand for the products is still growing. She therefore decides to quit her job and embark on the Cadelli inc adventure full time. “When I first started Cadelli, I didn't think this adventure would turn into a career and a business. My goal was to create something healthy to my children for the future and to pass on my passion to them. It was a small-scale family project. I am proud that this hobby has grown and become bigger than us. May our positive environmental footprint shine on other people.

My childrens participate with me in the development of the business, even the little ones help in their own way! My oldest is even wondering, at 10 years old, in which field of study he should go to take over the company.

Cadelli is inspired by the founder's children, all of whom have different and endearing personalities, thus tinting the essence of the family business.

CA: Cameron: Energy

DEL: Delphine: The determination

LI: Liam: Positivity

Soft, natural and affordable cosmetics

How are Cadelli products both natural and affordable?

The skin has a maximum absorption capacity. Whether you use the recommended dose of cream on your face or the entire jar, your skin will not be more hydrated. So there is no need to overdose the product with expensive ingredients. This optimizes the quantity of ingredients required and reduces the cost of production, without compromising on quality.

Cadelli is inspired by the "slow cosmetic" movement, which is defined by the desire to consume wisely, ecologically and naturally. The products are all handmade, with ease, without chemical preservatives and with natural and quality ingredients that will appeal to the most demanding. Cadelli's range of natural cosmetics is diverse enough to meet the needs of the whole family: body care, facials, bath products, hair care, men's range, soaps and more.

Cadelli's greatest values?



The collaboration



Personalized service

Cadelli's mission?

Create natural and affordable cosmetics for sensitive skin while respecting the environment.

Cadelli, a conscious and responsible company

How can we make a difference in our daily lives by consuming better without affecting our well-being?

This is exactly what Cadelli offers: taking care of yourself and our family while reducing the negative impact on our health and our planet. To achieve its zero waste goal, Cadelli has implemented a manufacturing process that maximizes the use of resources and energy in order to create as little waste and residue as possible. The containers are almost all made of glass and they are recyclable. For customers who live near its production site in Baie-Comeau, Cadelli offers container filling at its store.

Sharing knowledge and giving back to the community are important values ​​of the family business. Here are some of the contributions to the community:

Creation of soaps for the cause of breast cancer. Each soap sold allows Cadelli to donate $ 2 to the Breast Cancer Association.

Donation of a Martini and High Heels Party gift basket to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

Manufacture of soap for various fundraising campaigns such as the youth center (all profits are given to the organization).

Actively participates in the circular economy movement with the organization Synergie 138 (soaps with recycled oil, coffee grounds, maceration residues of Norkotié gin).

Association and partnership with several companies in the region to develop new original products while respecting the environment.

What guides Cadelli in its choices? Authenticity and simplicity!

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