The Manicouagan Peninsula

Including : Ragueneau, Chute-aux-Outardes, Pointe-aux-Outardes, Pointe-Lebel


Gateway to the Manicouagan Peninsula, this village offers numerous excellent lookout points and family-friendly activities and services, such as: tent platforms, hiking trails, a mountain bike trail, birdwatching, rest areas along the river and camping with an outstanding view of the huge Outardes-2 reservoir. The shores of the Rivière aux Rosiers have been adapted for use by families and sports enthusiasts. From Ragueneau pier, visitors can enjoy a playground, a hiking trail with lookout, an archipelago inhabited by seabirds and harbour seals, not to mention the two impressive, life-size dinosaurs!


This town in the Manicouagan Peninsula has a wide range of services, including accommodation, restaurants, a fish market, a pharmacy and a community health centre. Tourist attractions include parks and playgrounds, a golf course, hiking trails with great views of the Outardes River, and a rustic path that takes visitors by the former Outardes-1 hydroelectric power station. The village was founded in 1926 during the forestry boom and the construction of the region's first generating station.


Renowned for its rural lifestyle and history, the village welcomes you for your next nature getaway. Its peninsula boasts more than 30 km of beaches and sandy flats. Cycling enthusiasts, come and discover the brand new bike path that winds through the countryside to Pointe-Lebel. Other amenities include: a B&B, an outdoor centre, kayaking, camping, clay baths, and shopping for local specialty products. The covered bridge is one of the oldest in Québec and the only one on the North Shore.


This vacation spot at the junction of the St. Lawrence and Manicouagan rivers features a long sandy point where the tides sculpt immense sandbars. The 30-km-long beaches of fine, white sand are a perfect playground for families, ideal for long, peaceful walks on the beach and a paradise for wind sports enthusiasts, outdoor lovers and birdwatchers. Take the bike path that goes to Pointe-aux-Outardes. You can explore the area by bike or sea kayak, or just relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

The Route of the Beaches

The beaches of the Peninsula are easily accessible. Inquire at the Ragueneau reception office to find out about the beach, its particularities and its personality which will satisfy your desire for relaxation and which will fulfill the experience you are looking for.Chouinard Beach, Pointe-Lebel

  • Paradis Beach, Pointe-Lebel
  • Saint-Ludger Bay Beach, Pointe-aux-Outardes
  • Vieux Quai Beach, Pointe-aux-Outardes

The Ragueneau information office - The only office with the theme of sand

16 interpretation panels of the grain of sand are arranged to learn more about its formation, its composition and its particularities. Also, at the we offer the possibility of observing the sand coming from the beaches extending over the territory of Manicouagan, in all more than 20 beaches are represented with photos. It is also possible to experiment with magnetic sand from the region.


Park Nature - A Must-see of the Côte-Nord

Come to a protected and biodiverse natural area that covers nine different ecosystems. Recharge your batteries as you reconnect with nature through authentic activities, from meeting an Innu elder to having a guided tour on local edible berries and medicinal plants. Nighttime is also a source of wonder in the park: gaze at the stars with a seasoned astronomer and spend the night in unusual accommodation.

Ragueneau Dinosaures

This small archipelago made up of four islands and a dozen reefs is located at the western edge of the village within view of the pier. Several thousand birds and sea ducks nest on the islands, along with hundreds of harbour seals and grey seals. The pier, which is under the watchful eye of a mother dinosaur and her baby, is a lookout point, a place to relax, a RV stopover and a tent site.

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