4 days sea kayaking and glamping in the center of the Mingan archipelago

4 days sea kayaking and glamping in the center of the Mingan archipelago

$1,365.00 Price for this trip. Adults: $1365 (taxes not included) Teenager aged 12 to 17 $1142 (taxes not included) if you are a family or a group: You can make this trip private and have it adapted according to your objectives. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information on this subject.


  • Length: 4 days / 3 nights
  • Depart: 9 a.m. on day 1
  • Ages: 12 and up
  • Effort level: easy, suitable for beginners
  • Group size: 8-11 guests for this trip

Do you dream of knifing through clear, clean water in a kayak? Meeting whales, seals and rare birds? Living in a beautiful landscapes? How about time to capture those moments with your camera?

If any or all of those apply to you, then this is the trip for you.

Our four day three night expedition is focused on discovery and serenity. It is designed for anyone who wants to relax, enjoy the islands and kayaking.

Our base camp will be set up on the Mingan Archipelago's Grande Ile for three nights. We take a water taxi to the island, which gives  guests the freedom to decide what they want to do during their first day:  rest, or walk and visit the island, or explore the coasts of neighboring islands by kayak.

Each day, depending on the weather and the group's abilities and interests, the guide will offer up to three kayaking or hiking trips. Because we have the time to let nature surprise us, we will seize the opportunity to meet a whale spotted offshore, a gathering of gray seals or the dazzling dives of hundreds of gannets.

This trip is focused on comfort. We use the Parks Canada facilities on the island for this package, but add a touch of comfort so guests can fully appreciate the moment. We provide comfortable tents with quality inflatable mattresses. We have an a hot shower system, a mosquito net shelter, complete camp kitchen and camping chairs. And your days are yours. If you'd like to spend a quiet afternoon reading, you're welcome to.

The advantage of the base camp is that it allows us to paddle in the early hours of the morning, at sunset or even take a nighttime excursion if there is a bioluminescent show, the aurora borealis are dancing, or if the night is clear and the milky way is especially bright. The basecamp gives us time to enjoy this magical and timeless place. The base camp also gives the guide more time to cook good food.

We strive to cook meals with local products and we cook with fresh products. Our fish and seafood come directly from the fishermen or the local fishmonger. The tasty vegetables are mostly grown on the seaside in Mathieu and Sylvie's garden and at our partner's Grenier Boréal. The small fruits and herbal teas that you will taste are picked by Camy-Anne, our assistant-guide who is an expert in boreal forest flora. We put a lot of care into cooking and we focus on freshness and simplicity. We believe that eating "true" is an integral part of a journey like this. Obviously, as seafaring coastal dwellers we focus on fresh fish and seafood, but we also have other tasty menus. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, we make sure the meals are right for you when you register.

For this trip:

No previous experience is required.

Since we have an established camp, we travel with light kayaks adapted to your preference and skill level, and there is a kayak training before departure. We have the support of a motorboat that can come to us at any place for assistance in case of problems. A person who has never kayaked can participate. There is also the possibility of using double kayaks or extra stable solo kayaks.

We always leave on time (except in the most extreme conditions) because we have the support of a boat to commute to the Islands.

General itinerary:

During the day: When we're on the water we'll watch hundreds of seabirds crossing the archipelago, marine mammals (porpoises, minke whales, gray seals, harbor seals, etc.). It's a truly incredible experience to paddle amongst so much wildlife.

At night: You'll be swept away by the immensity of the sky and stars and the Milky Way will shine like you've never seen it before. . You will also have the chance to illuminate the water with a paddle stroke by waking the bioluminescent plankton. After the long fun-filled days, you'll fall asleep to the sound of birds and the song of seals.

In the morning or at sunset: You'll soak up the indescribable colors that cover the archipelago and colour the sky, land and sea. This trip is truly an invitation to take the time to breathe in a living archipelago that is vibrant and beautiful.

This trip is ideal for:

  • Families where each member has a different pace;
  • Lovers of photos, hiking and / or kayaking;
  • Epicureans who love good meals and good company;
  • Advanced kayakers who want to paddle the archipelago with the pace and benefits of a base camp.

What is provided:

  • Single or double kayak
  • Wetsuit and windbreaker
  • Poogies (kayak mittens)
  • Basic training
  • Guided services
  • Waterproof bag for camera or other electronic devices and waterproof bag for extra clothing.
  • Tents and floor mats
  • 10 meals

Do not forget to bring: Consult the list of recommended equipment for this trip. (gear list was in update for include "covid" protection gear)

2022 Summer dates

  • 4 au 7 juillet: places disponibles
  • 11 au 14 juillet: places disponibles
  • 18 au 21 juillet: complet
  • 08 au 11 août places disponibles



  • 26 juin au 01 juillet
  • 24 juillet au 29 juillet
  • 31 juillet au 05 août




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