The Association

Our mission

As private non-profit organizations, we bring together tourism stakeholders from the North Shore on a geographic and sectoral basis. The Quebec Ministry of Tourism recognizes our role in setting priorities, major directions and strategic actions that ensure the North Shore's influence. We are mandated by the government in terms of regional cooperation, supply development, promotion, hospitality and tourist information.



Our vision

In 2020, in this region of nature and excess, the Côte-Nord Regional Tourism Associations are more essential than ever: For Quebec's economy, the RTAs have achieved the objectives of their Côte-Nord Strategic Tourism Development Plan. These objectives have resulted in significant economic benefits and have contributed to job creation. ATR was thus able to develop and defend a new business model based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

For the members of the tourism industry, the RTAs are “leaders” essential for consultation, development of the offer, promotion, hospitality and tourist information. They are known for their communication and innovation capabilities. They proactively respond to the training and structuring needs of their members and thus contribute to their reputation.

For stakeholders in all spheres of activity, the CHL are unified and unifying. They bring together all the partners to make Côte-Nord an attractive, world-class destination.

For the community, the CHL represents all communities and territory equally. In addition, our teams are strong, multidisciplinary and have continually improved. Everyone is working towards a common goal of spreading the region's influence.

We are proud to occupy and promote one of the largest accessible territories in Quebec.

Our values

Regional pride and outreach

Our actions are carried out in such a way as to foster a sense of belonging to the region, foster pride in it and ensure that all actors play their role as ambassadors by extolling the merits and assets of the territory.

Integrity and transparency

Our actions are carried out in a manner that is respectful of individuals, policies and rules, and decisions, with the utmost sincerity and honesty, while focusing on the principles of fairness, justice, morality and ethics.

The commitment

Our actions are based on a promise to fulfill the mandates entrusted to us, to be faithful to our organization and to be involved with our members and partners.


Our actions are carried out rigorously, according to precise and measurable procedures and objectives in terms of quality, deadlines (deadlines), costs and performance.

The fun

Our actions are carried out in a harmonious, pleasant and positive climate. Openness is pervasive and team cohesion is at the heart of our concerns.

Credibility and passion

Our actions are carried out by a reliable, enthusiastic and trustworthy team that identifies with the region for which it works and shares its message with one voice.

Continuous improvement

Our actions are regularly renewed by an ever more competent team. We are constantly striving to improve our services, the satisfaction of our members and partners and the performance of our organization and the destination.

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