36 Outfitting on the North Coast 

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Espace to Côte-Nord for a larger-than-life stay!

Exceptional hunting and fishing experiences, landscapes unlike any other in Quebec, summer or winter vacation sites in the heart of breathtaking nature. This is in a few words what the Côte-Nord offers you.

The lakes and rivers of the Côte-Nord guarantee an unparalleled fishing experience, in harmony with nature. In water as pure as it is cold, the quality of the fishing is exceptional. The diversity of species in exclusive territories full of game, also make the North Shore a destination highly appreciated by hunters.

On our site, you will find a wealth of information on our outfitter as well as an astonishing world of vast virgin spaces, of luxuriant nature, of majestic rivers and lakes with crystal clear waters populated by native salmonids!

You will undoubtedly find the outfitter that will meet your desires for your dream vacation, unforgettable memories included in all our packages!


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