Board of Directors
Credit : Renaud Pintiaux

Board of Directors of Tourisme Côte-Nord


Board of Directors

Yanick Morin

John Pineault

Marie-France Brunelle

Jeannine Villeneuve



1. Seat I: Members of the MRC Haute-Côte-Nord: Jérôme Gouron

2. Seat P: Members of the MRC Manicouagan: André Morin

3. Seat I: Members of the MRC Caniapiscau: Michel Michaud

4. Seat I: Members of the MRC Sept-Rivières: Yany Bélanger

5. Seat P: Members of the MRC Minganie: Jane-Anne Cormier

6. Seat P: Members of the MRC Golfe-Saint-Laurent: John Pineault

7. Seat I: Accommodation sector: Carl Beaulieu

8. Seat P: Restaurant and local products sector: Mario Noël

9. Seat I: Outfitters, ZECs, and campgrounds sector: Yanick Morin

10. Seat P: Indigenous tourism sector: Jeannine Villeneuve

11. Seat I: Adventure and outdoor activities sector: Myriam Desjardins-Malenfant

12. Seat P: Cruise and excursion sector: Alexandre Bastien

13. Seat I: Arts and culture sector: Marie-France Brunelle

14. Seat P: Commercial and public services sector: Jeff Dufour Tremblay

15. Seat 15: Co-opted seat: Suzanne Asselin