Havre-Saint-Pierre vous accueille en grand
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Havre-Saint-Pierre is full of natural, sports, and cultural attractions that appeal to a wide audience. Here are the top 10 must-see attractions of this welcoming municipality.


Bogs and Shrub Tundra



On Highway 138, near Havre-Saint-Pierre, the landscape changes in a breathtaking manner. The forest vegetation becomes scattered and dotted with rocks. The size of the trees is reduced due to the short summer and permafrost. Interesting plants abound in this particular ecosystem. For example, one can find the Lady's Slipper (wild orchid), the Purple Pitcher Plant (carnivorous plant), and Cladonia lichen (a staple food for caribou).


Havre and Beach



The small town is located in a harbor (hence the name of the municipality). This means that it is in a protected area of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence where the waters are calm. This geographical location is conducive to kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, kite surfing, sailing, and swimming.

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Observation of marine mammals and birds

Seals, porpoises, and small whales regularly roam the waters of the harbor. A beautiful variety of birds, such as the Northern Gannet and the Arctic Tern, are regularly spotted from the beach, while puffins and little penguins are observed on the islands of the archipelago.

Picking wild berries



The wooded areas are brimming with delicious wild berries such as blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, and cloudberries (the most popular and delicate). In addition to this, there is the possibility of picking juniper berries and Labrador tea.

Roland-Jomphe Cultural Center

This place is a former general store converted into a museum. It tells the story of the municipality since its foundation in 1857.

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Cod Shed Performance Hall (Salle de diffusion de la Shed-à-morue)

This small, modern bistro-style performance venue is built facing the harbor on the site of a warehouse where salted and dried cod was stored (hence the name). The acoustics are wonderful, and the selection of performances is worthy of larger venues.

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Public Market

The public market offers a wide variety of local products as well as the works of local artists and artisans. Several activities invite people to participate and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.


Enjoying Seafood

Two restaurants offer a menu for all budgets. As for the fish market, it offers fresh or frozen fish, seafood, and crustaceans as well as ready-to-eat takeaway meals.

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Romaine Road

To the east of Havre-Saint-Pierre lies "the Romaine Road". This road leads to the hydroelectric dams. The view of the mountains and valleys is breathtaking. There are opportunities for fishing and hunting (with permits).

Barrage Romaine 1

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Family Festival; 25th edition

The festival takes place from July 20th to 23rd, 2023. It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate. Family sports activities, musical evening, inflatables, fireworks, etc.




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