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When it comes to the holiday season, it's all about festive evenings with family and friends. Take advantage of these gatherings to enjoy products made locally by passionate artisans. These local products can also be offered as gifts.

Microbrewery Tadoussac - Tadoussac

Discover the 16 beers from this microbrewery located in Tadoussac. A local product to add to your festive holiday evenings. Beer shop for take-out and a wide range of products featuring the microbrewery's logo. Boutique



La Chasse Gardée - Sacré-Cœur

Are you looking for a gift idea for fans of good local beers? A visit to La Chasse Gardée to discover their products is a must. Boutique


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Vent du Nord Distillery - Baie-Comeau

Make a stop at Vent du Nord Distillery to purchase their various products such as their gins, liqueurs, and amaretto. Several items featuring the distillery's logo are also available and will please many!

Online store and on-site boutique



St-Pancrace Microbrewery - Baie-Comeau

A must-visit for beer enthusiasts, St-Pancrace Microbrewery stands out for its innovation and the quality of its products. Its beers are inspired by the richness of the regional terroir and composed of local Nordic berries.

Boutique and points of sale.



Québec North Shore Distillery

Québec North Shore Distillery offers a unique Amaretto in North America made from rowan berries. A true delight to try!

Boutique  and in-store boutique.


Manoir du Café - Baie-Comeau

Nothing beats a good coffee to start cold winter days. Manoir du Café offers a wide selection of carefully roasted coffee by a team of enthusiasts.


Boutique et retails locations.


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La Compagnie Microbrewery

This microbrewery, located in Sept-Îles, offers a variety of beers that can perfectly complement your holiday meal.

Discover the various retail locations



La Mouche Brewery - Natashquan

Crafted from indigenous yeasts and ingredients from the local and regional terroir, discover Pirate, Mickey Finn, and other beers of the moment.

Retail locations.


Puyjalon - Havre Saint-Pierre

Discover the spirits and beers from Puyjalon. The products reflect the richness of the Nordic environment brimming with aromas, flavors, and character.

Boutique and on site.


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