Electric Vehicule Charging Stations

It is entirely possible to travel on the Côte-Nord in an electric car. The region has a growing infrastructure of electric charging stations, making it easier for electric vehicle owners to get around. Additionally, the distance between the main cities and attractions on the North Shore is relatively short, making electric car travel more accessible.

You can plan your trip using lecircuitelectrique.com, which lists the locations of charging stations along your route. Make sure to schedule stops to recharge your vehicle based on the battery range and distances between charging stations. Some charging stations are fast, allowing you to recharge your vehicle more quickly, while others may require a longer charging time.

By choosing to travel in an electric car, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and preserving the natural beauty of the Côte-Nord. Enjoy your trip by stopping in picturesque coastal villages, exploring hiking trails, and admiring the breathtaking landscapes without any polluting emissions.

Before you set off, don't forget to check the information on available charging stations along your route and plan your trip accordingly. With proper planning and efficient use of charging stations, you can explore the North Shore with peace of mind in your electric car.

Check out the interactive map of Quebec's electric charging stations.