Portneuf-sur-Mer Portneuf-sur-Mer


170, rue Principale,
Portneuf-sur-Mer (Quebec)
G0T 1P0
Phone: 418 238-2642
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Population : 568
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Ottawa: 613 km
Montréal: 483 km
Québec: 256 km


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Beauty and tranquility characterize Portneuf-sur-Mer, a small coastal village where time seems to flow with the tides. Located along the St. Lawrence River, Portneuf-sur-Mer charms visitors with a warm welcome and lovely scenery, as well as crab trappers, a fish store, fresh seafood, rolling capelin (a small fish in the smelt family), a marina for pleasure boating, a lookout and magnificent long beaches.

It is also a logging village with a backcountry full of fishing lakes and outfitters catering to hunters and anglers. Nature lovers will want to visit the famous sandbar at Pointe-des-Fortin, bicycle paths, and snowshoeing and cross-country ski trails in the winter.

The village is built at the mouth of the Portneuf River and provides vistors with a free shuttle service, a campground near the St. Lawrence and snowmobile trails. Don't miss the activities during capelin spawning season. Welcome to Portneuf-sur-Mer!