The Innucadie

Innucadie is an important cultural aspect of Minganie. This culture is mainly found between Havre-Saint-Pierre and Natashquan. The inhabitants of Havre-Saint-Pierre speak Cayen. Havre-Saint-Pierre was founded in 1857, following a food shortage that led to the exodus of Acadians from the Îles-de-la-Madeleine to the Côte-Nord, in what is now the territory of Minganie. When visiting the villages, you will notice the presence of the Acadian flag in the streets and public places. The Innucadie represents the fusion between the Acadian culture and the native Montagnais/Naskapi culture. The people who have welcomed, helped, and accompanied the Cayens over the decades; a culture of sharing, mutual aid and exchange. Discover native tales and legends and the arrival of the first Acadians in Natashquan. It is thanks to the Innu that the first Acadian fishermen survived the harsh northern winters. A long history of friendship, history and sharing followed, making Innucadie a unique cultural territory today.