Fermont Fermont


100, pl. Daviault,
Fermont (Quebec)
G0G 1J0
Phone: 418 287-5411, 418 287-5471
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Population : 2354
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Ottawa: 1030 km
Montréal: 936 km
Québec: 727 km


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Fermont is a one-industry town that is wholly dependent on iron mining. The town's main feature is its extraordinary 1.3 km windbreak wall. Be sure to catch the magnificent northern lights - more visible at high latitudes. In March, enjoy the fun activities of the Taiga Carnival. In summer, brave the chilly waters and swim across Lac Daviault or hike Mont Daviault and in the Severson Mountains. You can also tour the Mont-Wright Mine, the largest open-pit mine in North America.  Stand beside the 200 to 400-ton Caterpillar dump trucks and see how you measure up.