Sacré-Coeur Sacré-Coeur


88, rue Principale Nord,
Sacré-Coeur (Quebec)
G0T 1Y0
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Population : 1770
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Ottawa: 546 km
Montréal: 416 km
Québec: 190 km


Tourisme Côte-Nord promotes sites that allow you to do outdoor activities. Users are responsible for their own safety and for anyone else they are responsible for. Outdoor activities come with risks and it's the user's responsibility to make sure they respect what their physical limit is, as well as any regulations on site.


Population 1,769

Located just 15 minutes from Tadoussac, Sacré-Coeur-sur-le-Fjord-Saguenay is an unspoiled area with a variety of natural attractions: a “Biodiversity Valley”, the Fjord Trail, the Route verte and the Whale Route Trail. Don't miss the Saguenay Fjord National Park, where you can watch belugas swimming in Sainte-Marguerite Bay, visit the interpretation centre and campgrounds and hike along the Fjord Trail.

Head to Anse-de-Roche Park for its many stunning views of the Saguenay Fjord and sunsets over the water, which you can also observe from the municipal wharf and docks, the charming gazebo and many restaurants. Several companies offer marine excursions, such as sea kayaking and fishing trips and harbour cruises.

Hunting and fishing enthusiasts can enjoy practicing their sport in boreal forest that stretches from the rivière Sainte-Marguerite to the former Sainte-Marguerite Salmon Club, now Bardsville. This area boasts a variety of things to do and see year-round: park, arena, swimming pool, industrial tours, religious heritage sites, hiking and biking, snowmobiling (on Trans-Québec trails 3 and 93), dog sledding, cross-country skiing, as well as visiting a working farm, bear watching, observing wildlife and beekeeping, not to mention spending the night in an igloo or a tree house.