Rivière-Saint-Jean Rivière-Saint-Jean


116, rue du Quai,
Rivière-Saint-Jean (Quebec)
G0G 2N0
Phone: 4189492464
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Population : 211
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Ottawa: 1004 km
Montréal: 868 km
Québec: 638 km


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Population 215
The village stretches along the western bank at the mouth of the Saint-Jean River. Navigable for about 50 km and famous for its salmon pools, for many decades the river marked the border between Québec and Labrador. Visitors can fish for sea trout at the river mouth or head out onto the sandbar that divides the river from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, an ideal spot for birdwatching. Osprey are regularly spotted here, and common eider, king eider, and flocks of whitewinged scoters can be seen on the beaches. The area is also perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. A sea shuttle serves Anticosti Island and the Mingan Islands and there are regular whalewatching cruise departures.