Unusual Accommodation

What could be more unusual than sleeping in a house perched in the trees deep in the forest or in a lighthouse keeper's house? Experience unique accommodations in a magical setting!

The Côte-Nord is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, breathtaking coastal landscapes, and diverse wildlife. Travelers in search of a unique experience have turned to unconventional accommodations to enhance their stay in this region.

Among the popular unconventional accommodations on the Côte-Nord, you'll find yurts, treehouses, birdhouses, and waterfront prospector tents. Yurts offer a nomadic living experience with all modern comforts, while treehouses allow you to sleep amidst nature, surrounded by majestic trees. Lastly, camping by the water allows you to enjoy the coastal environment while indulging in luxurious accommodations.

These unconventional accommodations offer travelers a different experience from traditional hotels, allowing them to get closer to nature and create unforgettable moments. Furthermore, the Côte-Nord offers numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, whale watching, fishing, and kayaking, making these accommodations even more appealing to nature and adventure enthusiasts.

It is recommended to book in advance, as the popularity of unconventional accommodations on the Côte-Nord has resulted in high demand, especially during peak tourist periods.

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