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The Côte-Nord is full of must-sees! These attractions are the most popular with visitors and represent the originality of the region!

Tadoussac Bay and the Fjord

Tadoussac recalls the era of New France with a replica of the first fur trading post and the oldest wooden chapel in North America. Located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence River and the Saguenay Fjord, this village has always been a place where different peoples can come together. Come to the gateway to the Côte-Nord and admire its bay - one of the most beautiful in the world - endless beaches, towering cliffs, dunes and forests.


Discover Tadoussac area

Whale Watching

Meet the gentle giants of the sea on the water, either in a Zodiac - where you're closer to the waves - or on a traditional cruise boat. Choose from a two-hour or half-day trip, with dedicated captains and natural history experts who can tell you about the different species and their habits. Or, follow the


Go on a whale excursion

The Great Dams and Hydroelectric power plants

Drive north from Baie-Comeau on Route 389 and you'll come to two enormous hydroelectric dams: Manic-2 and Manic-5. These impressive structures are a testament to Québec's engineering genius. The Daniel-Johnson dam, or Manic-5, is the largest multiple-arch buttress dam in the world. In October 2019, to mark the dam's 50th anniversary, a monument symbolizing the collective memory was unveiled.


Visit the Hydro-Québec dams

Sept-Îles Archipelago

You and your travel companions can become “islanders” and enjoy activities such as bird-watching, mushrooming and exploring the natural environment and ecosystems. On La Grande Basque Island, explore endless beaches and many trails. On La Grosse Boule Island, visit the Purmer Ocean Farm that raises mussels and scallops, grows seaweed, and offers boat trips, talks and a variety of tasting experiences.


Explore the Sept-Îles archipelago

Mingan Archipelago

For a few hours or a few days, slow down and live at a different pace. Gaze at the archipelago's monoliths, those mysterious limestone giants shaped by the wind and sea. Go island hopping and discover puffins and many other seabirds, minke whales and seals. There's a wealth of fascinating plant life and geological formations waiting to be discovered, as well as lighthouses and their storied past


The mythical Minganie

Anticosti Island

Québec's biggest island is a fabulous vacation spot and a paradise for hunters and salmon fishers. Travellers come to admire its beauty and discover its many treasures: thousands of white-tailed deer and foxes, many rare plant species, beaches, fossils, caves, canyons and waterfalls. An ecomuseum and several interpretive sites tell of its seafaring past and many legendary shipwrecks.


Discover Anticosti and Port-Menier


The village of Kegaska, 50 km east of Natashquan, is where Route 138 comes to an end. This is where your Côte-Nord trip concludes... and where your meeting with welcoming Innu and North Shore people begins. They are happy to share their living traditions, memories and ancestral know-how with you. In Natashquan, locals will tell you about village history, the life of famed Québec poet Gilles Vigneault, as well as local legends and stories.des.


Towards the end of the road, Natashquan and Kegaska

A Côte-Nord Road Trip

Are you ready to go on a road trip, and discover vasts areas and fabulous roads, in stages? The end of Route 138: 844 km from Tadoussac to Kegaska (in Natashquan, souvenir end-of-the-road bumper sticker). The 389 to Fermont: 567 km, starting in Baie-Comeau (end-of-the-road souvenir bumper sticker in Fermont). Expedition 51°, along Routes 389, 500, 510 and 138: 1,780 km from Baie-Comeau to Vieux-Fort. Île d'Anticosti: 261 km from Port-Menier to Pointe-Sud (in roughly 6 hrs).


Our contest Road Trip Côte-Nord

The Lower North Shore and the MV Bella-Desgagnés

Because Route 138 ends at Kegaska, the villages of the Lower North Shore can only be accessed by the MV Bella Desgagnés that sails the route 10 months of the year. Experience life aboard a supply vessel that transports cargo and passengers and stops for a few hours in each village, with departures from Rimouski, Sept-Îles, Havre-Saint-Pierre and Natashquan: a unique travel option that combines comfort and adventure.


Board the Bella Desgagnés

Expedition 51°

Head north of the 51st parallel on a 1,700-km road trip that takes you all the way to Labrador and the Basse-Côte-Nord (Lower North Shore), through an unspoiled wilderness of lakes, forests and mountains. Routes 389, 500 and 501 will take you past unique Northern towns and through small Innu, francophone and anglophone communities. Stay at a hunting and fishing outfitter and gaze at the stars - perhaps even the Northern lights!


The North, Labrador and Blanc-Sablon

Nature Park of Pointe-aux-Outardes

Come to a protected and biodiverse natural area that covers nine different ecosystems. Recharge your batteries as you reconnect with nature through authentic activities, from meeting an Innu elder to having a guided tour on local edible berries and medicinal plants. Nighttime is also a source of wonder in the park: gaze at the stars with a seasoned astronomer and spend the night in unusual accommodation.


Explore Nature Park

Unusual accommodation of the North Shore

What could be more unusual than sleeping in a house perched in the trees in the middle of the forest, in a huge bubble under the stars, in a yurt by the sea or in the house of a lighthouse keeper? Experience unusual accommodation in a magical setting as you step out of your comfort zone to discover these little treasures of tourist accommodation!


Sleep well!

Microbreweries and distilleries

The microbreweries of the North Shore have managed to seduce the greatest beer and spirits lovers in Quebec! They proudly represent the flavours, history and legends of the North Shore. Scattered over the territory, these companies mainly include a bistro where classic Quebec dishes are revisited to the delight of the customers. Cheers!


Take a seat!

Discover the flavors of the North Shore

The Côte-Nord is full of northern flavours! Take a break during your trip to taste flavors such as Labrador tea, chicoutai bay, fresh fish and seafood, and edible mushrooms!



Bon appetit!

Enjoy fresh seafood and fish!

As a maritime territory where fishing is an integral part of our history, our gastronomic culture includes a wide variety of seafood recipes and dishes. During your trip, take time to discover the North Shore gastronomy in our restaurants!



Let's eat!