Baie-Johan-Beetz Baie-Johan-Beetz


16, rue Tanguay,
Baie-Johan-Beetz (Quebec)
G0G 1B0
Phone: 418 539-0125
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Population : 78
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Ottawa: 1106 km
Montréal: 965 km
Québec: 735 km


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Population 86
Nestled deep in the taiga, this village is named after a Canadian naturalist of Belgian origin who lived here in the early 1900s. A few minutes' walk along one of the many footpaths brings you outside the village, where you can still see traces of the 2013 fire. Budding geologists and biologists will notice the presence of many types of rock, lush vegetation and abundant wildlife and be thriflled by the flocks of aquatic birds flying past on their annual migration. Come to this peaceful corner of the North Shore and take part in the many interesting and enjoyable activities organized by the village.