Les Saveurs Boréales | Local gourmet products


12, 1re Rue,
Forestville (Quebec)
G0T 1E0
Phone: 418 587-4884
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Ottawa: 622 km
Montréal: 494 km
Québec: 268 km


We specialize in harvesting edible forest products that are native to the North Shore: plants (glasswort, Scottish lovage), tea (Labrador tea, birch bark tea, fireweed flowers), mushrooms (lobster mushroom, yellowfoot chanterelles, boletes) and spices (sweet gale, dune pepper, powdered pine). We provide a link between harvesters and buyers: wholesalers, grocery stores, restaurants and the general public. We also ensure that the products are handled with care, so the flavours on your plate are as authentic as possible.