Portneuf-sur-Mer to the rhythm of the tides
The splendour of this small coastal village is one of the best-kept treasures of the Upper North Shore. In addition to the sand bank popular by ornithologists, Portneuf-sur-Mer is distinguished by the immensity of its beaches and its marina where fishermen land their cargo of the day, while boaters in search of simplicity drop anchor to admire the sunsets or taste the tasty dishes of the Capitainerie. A few steps away, surrounded by land and sea, is the municipal camping site with the ready-to-camp formula, which is illustrated by four yurts set over the Pointe-des-Fortin beach, where each spring offers the incredible spectacle of the capelin that rolls along the shore.
By Shirley Kennedy for the Côte-Nord tourist magazine Entre Nature et Démesure


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