Wearing the Côte-Nord

The cold winter weather is gradually settling in, and it's time to bring out our warmer clothes. Several businesses in the region sell clothing and accessories in the colors of the area that are perfect for the cold season. These make excellent Christmas gift ideas to give or add to your wishlist.



Handcrafted by indigenous artisans, Atikuss creations are both works of art and clothing and accessories that adequately protect you from the cold.

Available online and in-store





Capelan creations stand out for their illustrations done by local talents that tell the story of the Côte-Nord.

Online store. Discover various points of sale.


© Janie Côté pour Capelan


Les Dériveuses / The Drifters

The clothing and accessories from the company "Les Dériveuses" are inspired by the riches of Minganie: chicoutai, saltwater, and sea urchin fishing are just a few.

Online Store



The Côte-Nord Store

Get the official souvenir of your road trip on the Côte-Nord at the temporary boutique of Tourism Côte-Nord.

Online boutique

© Sébastien St-Jean


Microbreweries, distilleries, and several other businesses also sell beautiful clothing and accessories online and in-store. Visit your favorite places to discover all they have to offer.

Happy shopping!



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