The hinterland of Anticosti
Credit : Sépaq Anticosti

Newly inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Anticosti Island is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, now more accessible than ever. Its breathtaking landscapes of towering canyons, endless sea views, and colossal cliffs make it the most exotic island in Quebec! Discover this wild and treasure-filled island that few can boast of having visited. A visit to Anticosti Island during your summer vacation will leave an indelible mark on you!

The wild nature characterizes the southern part of the island, with its long seashores where seals bask, numerous canyons, and endless starry nights. The perfect area for hiking enthusiasts.


During your stay in this area, various hikes are available to you:

The Chicotte Canyon Trail

This trail invites hikers on a 7 km journey, from the forest to a canyon with unique rock formations, where nature reigns supreme. This hike is still a fairly well-kept secret!

The Little Chicotte Canyon Trail

This hike will take you along natural pools with emerald colors, carved into the bed of the crystal-clear river and surrounded by northern vegetation. A 2 km trail perfect for long moments of relaxation in the heart of nature.



Les Échoueries (The Strandings)

Follow the coastline while traversing the typical maritime and wild landscapes of the southern part of the island for 12 km. The terrain here is less rugged than that of the north. Take the time to stop and observe the dozens of gray and common seals basking there and to learn through interpretive panels.


Pointe-Sud-Ouest (Southwest Point)

At the end of the Southwest Point trail, a 5 km hike leading to the lighthouse of the same name, you will discover the most spectacular birdwatching site on Anticosti Island. It is one of the most secluded sites on the island, imbued with a ghostly atmosphere caused by its stunted trees and the site of an abandoned old farm.


Canyon-de-la-Vauréal (Vauréal Canyon)

A visit to Anticosti Island is not complete without a visit to Vauréal Canyon. Located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and nestled within a canyon with walls reaching up to 90 meters high, this 7 km trail will lead you to the mythical Vauréal waterfall. Before or after this, make a stop at the new lookout point to admire the majestic 76-meter waterfall.


No matter which activities you choose to do during your time on Anticosti Island, these vacations will leave an everlasting impression!

To simplify the planning of your stay, opt for one of Sépaq Anticosti's 5-day packages. They include air transportation, accommodation in a seaside cottage for 4 people, and even vehicle rental.

A few stays are still available for the summer of 2024, so book yours now. It's also possible to plan your visit for 2025.



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