Auberge de l'île aux Perroquets


Accueil au 878, ch. du Roi,
Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan (Quebec)
G0G 1V0
Phone: 418 949-0005
Toll free: 1 855 717-5657
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Number of units : 8
Price Legend: 100-150$
Périodes d’activités :
Opening hours :

From June 15th to August 31st

Establishment #: 282015


Ottawa: 1015 km
Montréal: 878 km
Québec: 648 km


Spend a night in truly unusual accommodation at Perroquets Island's environmentally responsible light station. Its limited access and small size make staying on Perroquets Island a special privilege that is sure to be appreciated by meditative and adventurous types alike, lighthouse buffs and bird lovers, artists seeking inspiration, history and technology enthusiasts or anyone yearning for an unforgettable island sojourn. Have fun being the light-keeper and watching over the island's many birds.