I love Tadoussac
Credit : Marc Loiselle/Municipalité du village de Tadoussac

I see… the enchanting landscapes. Nature surrounds me with both beauty and tranquility. Whales are close by and easy to spot. The beach with fine sand amazes my pupils as well as the impressive dunes, at the disposal of all visitors. When evening comes, the stars shine in the bright sky to the delight of young and old.

I eat… local products. The wide variety of restaurants allows me to taste local products in all their forms. Fine cuisine, cafes, pubs and snacks welcome me with their divine cuisine. You can't forget the delicious smell of seafood, game and other pleasantly prepared north-shore discoveries.

I listen… to the sound of the waves of the majestic St. Lawrence River and the breath of the whales when I wake up. Peace, relaxation and tranquility mark the beginning of the day. Time gives way to music, whether on terraces or public spaces. Open your ears, musical discoveries will be there!

I walk... in the footpaths. Visiting Tadoussac on foot is the best way to be charmed by its heritage, its colorful houses and its charming shops. And why not hike the beautiful trails, such as those created by the Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park. A bit of poetry could be part of the adventure.

I close my eyes... at night, rested but satisfied with my daily experiences. Among the many cottages, campsites, chalets and inns, I chose to stay at the Hotel Tadoussac which enjoys an ideal location opposite the spectacular bay of Tadoussac, a stone's throw from the sea and a few minutes from the village.

By Johannie Gaudreault for the Côte-Nord tourist magazine Entre Nature et Démesure


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