Chocolaterie Cartier


4E, boul. des Îles,
Port-Cartier (Quebec)
G5B 1V6
Phone: 581 285-5846
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Périodes d’activités :
Opening hours :

Monday to friday : 11 h 00 to 17 h 30

Saturdayi : 10 h 00 to 17 h 00

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Ottawa: 833 km
Montréal: 707 km
Québec: 480 km


La Chocolaterie Cartier offers you an extraordinary Nordic taste experience, where the boreal flavours of the North Shore meet the finesse of fresh chocolate, transformed on site from bean to bar. Our Nordic chocolate factory is inspired by the scents of Quebec's northern forests and animals. Visit our North Coast Chocolate Factory to learn about chocolate processing, from fair trade beans to bars.

Tasting tour

From about 25 minutes, the visit of the chocolate factory allows you to observe the making of chocolate. Discover the transformation stages of one of the most popular treats in the world. Our guide will explain the steps of chocolate making and will make you taste several types of chocolate and even pure beans.

Guided tour

Wednesday to Friday: 11-17h
Saturday: 10-16:30

The tour fee is $20 per person.
Reserve your place here: https://www.chocolateriecartier.com/reservations/

Even if it is possible to visit the chocolate factory spontaneously, we recommend that you book in order to ensure that our guide will be available.