Économusée de Maskisin


136, boul. des Montagnais,
Uashat (Quebec)
G4R 5R1
Phone: 418 962-6377
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Ottawa: 874 km
Montréal: 748 km
Québec: 520 km


Atikuss is a tribute to the caribou, which has greatly contributed to the survival of the First Nations and their know-how.
Hundreds of years before our era, indigenous peoples practiced ecologically responsible hunting. They took only the essential from Mother Earth. They honored the animals with dignity by not wasting anything. The whole animal was used to meet their daily needs. Atikuss adheres to this vision, because she has an unconditional love for nature. Atikuss' project aims to support Canadian Aboriginal women. Atikuss' Boots of Hope are shoes made using natural materials and ancestral techniques. The artisans bring history to life through their hands by using ancestral beading and weaving methods to make clothing and accessories.

A visit to Atikuss will take you back to the time of the native peoples. History is embodied in their work that the artisans will share with you. You will discover their passion for ancestral crafts and a privileged window on the various Aboriginal cultures of Canada.

You can buy handcrafted shoes and accessories that respect indigenous traditions as closely as possible, while adapting them to today's fashion realities. The boots are created in a traditional way, with an eye to their eventual reuse. Bring back a souvenir of the local culture.

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