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General Informations

Opening hours :

Open year-round

Périodes d’activités :
Price : None
Duration : Between 3 and 5 hours
Longueur : 10 km and more
: 50 to 150 meters
Difficulty : Medium
Type : Loop
Pets allowed : Yes
Accomodation on site : No


Ottawa: 1019 km
Montréal: 926 km
Québec: 718 km


The Severson Mountains create a transition zone between the boreal forest, the taiga and the alpine tundra of the summits. There are perennials and wild fruits.

You will see huge boulders on the Piton trail, which gives access to the Faille trail. The latter leads to the fault of the Severson Mountains, 15 m long and 4 m deep, where you can enter to see several mosses whose shapes and colors vary.

Accessible from these trails, the Cairns trail passes through an alpine environment populated by lichens and offers views of the Severson Mountains massif, whose peaks reach an altitude of nearly 900 m. It gives access to the Lacreux trail, which leads to the mountain lake of the same name. We will have access to the Roff, passing through peat bogs.

The Severson Fermont trail goes to the old Chinese mine and a sand pit at the base of the mountain before continuing to Fermont. The approach gives access to all trails and allows you to see traces of the presence of beavers.

  • Approach trail: 0.5 km - Linear - Beginner
  • Piton trail: 2 km - Loop - Beginner - Elevation: 85 m
  • Faille trail: 2.5 km - Loop - Beginner - Elevation: 85 m
  • Severson Fermont trail: 15 km - Linear - Intermediate - Elevation: 120 m
  • Cairns Trail: 3.3 km - Loop - Intermediate - Elevation: 100 m
  • Lacreux trail: 4 km - Loop - Intermediate - Elevation: 115 m
  • La Roff trail: 5.2 km - Loop - Intermediate - Elevation: 120 m
  • Pierrier-Moiré trail: 7.5 km - Loop - Intermediate

Caribou are present on the territory. Wearing a bib is compulsory during the hunting season.


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